Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Staying in front of potential customers with email marketing

Effective and integrity based email marketing campaigns keep you in front of your customers and potential customers and can be the single most affordable marketing tool you have for recruiting new customers and strengthen your relationship with your existing clients.

In our economy not only is marketing an absolute must it is also something too many cleaning companies are cutting back on in effort to save money.

Now isn't the time to cut back on marketing. It IS time to take advantage of the fact that many of your competitors ARE cutting back and by increasing YOUR marketing you can bring more attention to your service.

There are some great web based email marketing programs available. The biggest problem with that is that with so many cleaning companies suffering the recession the idea of another monthly expense can be a little scary.

Problem solved

Our Email List Manager program is yours.

  • It isn't rented, leased or borrowed.

  • You host it on your website so there are

  • No monthly fees (besides what you are already paying your host of course)

  • No fees based on your number of subscribers

  • No fees based on the number OR frequency of your emails

You might be saying, that's great but I have absolutely no idea how to manage campaigns, write the emails, get people on my list, what the spam laws are.........

Most of us aren't natural born email marketers. Those who are should sure appreciate the talent they have been given.

Just like with other aspects of your cleaning business, hearing how someone else has successfully managed a situation or system is motivating. If you're lucky enough to have them share recommendations based on their experiences you then feel encouraged. Isn't that why cleaning company owners join peer groups, industry associations and cleaning business forums? Because they get information and ideas based on their type of business not business in general.

So you want to learn about email marketing to maximize the results of your list and to avoid making mistakes. Well you could visit ebay or do a Google search to buy an ebook. A lot of those programs have great information and ideas. There's just one BIG problem---for the most part they are focused at marketing information or products. In other words, they don't really relate to cleaning companies.....continue

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