Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hate the word 'Maid'? ...yeah I know BUT...

"Christy, I can't stand the word 'maid', please take it off my site right away and change it to cleaning service"

So quite a few residential cleaners are going to read that and say 'oh my gosh, I can't believe Christy put my request on her blog'.

Now what you DIDN'T know is I hear that very statement at least once a week. So I'm not typing this about YOU, I'm typing this FOR the new maid...ooops...Residential Cleaners that will be coming on board.

Here's the deal- WE don't like the word MAID because we come from the business.
- Your customers DON'T come from the business.
- They don't speak the lingo.
- They don't understand the difference.
- They are simply looking for someone to clean their house

...and that is ONE word that a large percentage of them are going to use when they are searching the internet for YOU.

In a time when marketing is more important then ever the last thing you want to do is alienate yourself from a potential customer.

Use THE WORD to your advantage and educate them at the same time. Write a small blurb for your website explaining what your company feels seperates cleaning services from maids. If you are a commercial cleaning company write up something similar explaining why a commercial cleaning service is a lot more than just a janitor.

You have just created an informational piece and at the same time added more of those important keywords that people who do have money to spend are looking for. ;)

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