Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cleaning Industry Editorials

There should have been a press release for this ;)

Ken Galo announced late last week that he will begin posting Cleaning Industry and cleaning related editorials on his blog at

To open his new editorial site Ken writes about GS-42 the environmental leadership standard for certification of green cleaning services. In his article Galo explores the cost and benefits of this newly established certification. In addition a poll is posted where you can give your opinions about the cost of this program. Bet you wouldn't have guessed it starts at $7000. I'm NOT joking...check out his article...

A big thanks and a site worth mentioning

I wanted to post a big thanks to The Cleaning Entrepreneur, James Nokes. Chances are if you are reading my blog you've been doing a lot of searches about starting a cleaning business and have come across his site. But just in case you can find him and his wealth of information at:

The Cleaning Entrepeneur was the first cleaning business related site I found when I began my quest for information almost 4 years ago. So you can imagine my delight when my business was featured in their latest newsletter. You can read it here in Edition 134

When you have a chance look thru the rest of the website. There are tons of cleaning business related articles not only from Mr. Nokes but now also from the Janitorial Store, there are free reports, free ebooks, resources and there is even a start up cost comparission for commercial and residential cleaning. If you are looking to see an example of a cleaning contract this is the site to visit.

Thanks again James! It was an honor to be included in your newsletter.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Janitorial Communication Books- A New Approach

Communication Books left at a reception desk or worse yet in the janitorial closet are ineffective tools for the cleaning business with employees.

Although the thought behind them is with good intentions
  • Customers write down concerns or special requests for the cleaners
  • Cleaners in an ideal scenerio complete the task and leave a note in response to the client contact
  • The cleaning business owner or supervisor reads this documented communication during their next visit to the building

Unless you are monitoring the communication book at all times you are missing out on important communication that you should have NOW not next time you inspect the account.

By using an online version of a Cleaning Communication Book you are able to monitor communication between your employees and your customer. In addition to monitoring resolution of conerns these portal type systems allow you a secure area for employee and client imformation, specifications and printables. offers Cleaning Portals for commercial cleaning services that are practically priced and easy to maintain. Visit us at to learn more about these innovative solutions to 'Communication Book Break down'