Monday, May 19, 2008

If you own or are starting a cleaning business and you have considered offering a charity cleaning or community outreach program to your list of services we encourage you to visit our Cleaning For Cancer blog.

This completely free to join site will open on May 29 and will provide cleaning companies with marketing items and ideas for starting their own charitable cleaning program along with a free listing in our directory.

Companies who don't have a website or who don't have the ability to add the information to their company website can use one of our free templates. We have volunteers on hand who will help you create your page if needed.

The structure of the site is to be a completely free resource to both people with cancer or other critical illnesses as well as to cleaning services wanting to reach out and give back to their community. Because our structure is free will not accept monentary donations instead will we have a list of organizations in which you may make donations.

Contributions of time by volunteers will always be welcomed and there is a sign up form along with tasks that could use a helping hand on the site.

If you run a commercial company and don't see what you could possibly do to help....think again. We'll have some ideas how you can have your own outreach program that will in turn benefit the residential sector of our participating companies.

Current customers who want one of these free pages added to their website should contact Christy christy[at] There will be no charge for this page. In addition new customers coming on board after June 1 will be offered a free page at time of purchase.