Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why You Should Have An Original Logo For Your Cleaning Business

Why you should purchase an original licensed logo for your cleaning business

A logo is the first step in developing a corporate identity. By using stock images, clipart or free logos you are likely to end up with a logo identical to another companies or possibly a mascot image that is over used across several industries.
A vast amount of our traffic comes from people surfing to find free logos for cleaning services. While we will provide these as a free service we can not endorse the use of free or stock logos as a corporate identity.
Please take a moment to look thru the options and features that come with our purchased logo packages. These include various file sizes and versions and best yet we never create two alike. Cleaning service logo packages >>

Why are Clean Outlook's regular logo packages so expensive when I can get a logo on graphics or elance sites for $50?

Please understand our logo packages are not just a logo image. We use your original logo image and give it to you in over 10 formats and include black and white copies for newsprint. In addition we create templates for letterhead and envelopes that use your image in the proper format for printing. From your logo we also create over 10 sizes in gif format for use on your website and we create a minimum of 3 website banners from your logo.
Why do we do that?
The first few logos we sold we, as most graphic artists and e-lancers do, only provided the original image of the logo. As time went by we noticed our customers saving or printing their logos in the improper format or creating web graphics from them that ended up as distorted versions of the original.
You own a cleaning business. Imagine if you will stripping and waxing a vct then burnishing it until you could see your reflection only to come back a week later and find out that your client had cleaned up a spill with bowl acid! Of course you would see the etches in your once show room perfect floor and wish the client had consulted you before trying to take care of the problem themselves.
We're no different...Our finished product is important to us yet we realized that our customers need more variety for the ways in which they use their logos. They don't always have time to contact us and they don't always have the graphics tools that we own and use daily. Purchasing graphics software or learning a program to edit your logo is nothing more than downtime and lost money for you.
By providing images for every possible use for your logo we eliminate the need for you to make edits and revisions yourself. The time you save from this far exceeds the money you would save using a site that provides you with one version of your logo.

Remember our business was developed to take care of YOU!

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