Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free Window Cleaning Images Slide Show

You're going to love this. A couple weeks ago I noticed that Andy over at had posted a 'Window Cleaning Slide Show'.

So yesterday I got to talk to him (!) and he gave me a graphic show I could show a little preview and link you up to see it as well.

The Window Cleaning Pictures Slideshow is at his site that I know you'll find entertaining and useful.

The slide show consists of 31 of his favorite window cleaning pictures he's taken over the last 14 years in business. Pictures of high rise, mid rise and low rise commercial and residential window cleaning accounts.

You'll find captions at the bottom of each image that provide helpful tips on window cleaning techniques, window cleaning safety and other insider secrets.

Click here now to see the slide show!

I dare you to try to pick one favorite.
Anyway, the point to this post is very simple:
--if you aren't carrying a camera with you to jobs you need to be.
Look at those photos or his window cleaning stock photo site can duplicate that.
The same holds true for your cleaning company website...we can pick out stock photos all day long-- but pics from YOUR jobs or of YOUR team will always be the best ones!

Don't forget to check out Andy's slideshow ;) Click here now to see it!

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